Modernizing your kitchen doesn’t require you to spend thousands of dollars on gutting it and doing a complete renovation. In fact, USA Today reports that “a major kitchen remodel returns only around 80% of your investment,” while “a minor remodel has an 87% return.” Invest less and get a higher percentage back with budget-friendly updates like painting cabinets.

Investing in cabinet painting and new cabinet handles can transform a dated kitchen into an on-trend kitchen.

Painting off-trend linoleum cabinetry with white paint instantly refreshes a kitchen. Tired of your white cabinets and looking for something that radiates your personality and taste? Consider a fun, bright color to make your kitchen a little spicy. Read on for five stylish cabinet painting ideas and more tips to renew your kitchen.

Painting Cabinets: 5 Trends to Upgrade Your Kitchen

A kitchen is the heart of a home. It’s where family and friends gather to create new memories and share old ones. Transform your kitchen to be more inviting by repainting the cabinets.

  • White cabinets are to a kitchen, what a little black dress is for women. They’ll flow with any trend or occasion.
  • Blues and reds both make a statement while maintaining a classic feel. Add a blue or red feature – paint your island or lower cabinets only – as a pop of color against white cabinets.
  • Black cabinets on the bottom and white up top will match with any decorating scheme. The traditional color pairing will last generations.
  • Soothing shades of gray exude luxury with shiny brass cabinet pulls.
  • Green cabinets look lavish and can be bold or more neutral depending on the tone.

Don’t get stuck on choosing a color that will be in style forever. If you decide to sell the house or need a change, you can always repaint.

Looking for some other budget-friendly options to modernize your kitchen? Here are a few more tips:

    • Add a new coat of paint to your dining room and kitchen walls.
    • Switch out the cabinet handles.
    • Replace the countertop.
    • Switch out the sink faucet.
    • Change outlet wall covers with a more decorative option.

Advanced Painting Service Offers Cabinet Painting Services

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