Modernizing your kitchen doesn’t require you to spend thousands of dollars on gutting it and doing a complete renovation, you could just be replacing and removing and painting over what was already there to enhance it. For example replacing an old outdated lamp shade for some drum pendants. In fact, USA Today reports that “a major kitchen remodel returns only around 80% of your investment,” while “a minor remodel has an 87% return.” Invest less and get a higher percentage back with budget-friendly updates like painting cabinets.

Investing in cabinet painting and new cabinet handles can transform a dated kitchen into an on-trend kitchen.

Painting off-trend linoleum cabinetry with white paint instantly refreshes a kitchen. Tired of your white cabinets and looking for something that radiates your personality and taste? Consider a fun, bright color to make your kitchen a little spicy. Read on for five stylish cabinet painting ideas and more tips to renew your kitchen.

Painting Cabinets: 5 Trends to Upgrade Your Kitchen

A kitchen is the heart of a home. It’s where family and friends gather to create new memories and share old ones. Transform your kitchen to be more inviting by repainting the cabinets.

Don’t get stuck on choosing a color that will be in style forever. If you decide to sell the house or need a change, you can always repaint.

Looking for some other budget-friendly options to modernize your kitchen? Here are a few more tips:

    • Add a new coat of paint to your dining room and kitchen walls.
    • Switch out the cabinet handles.
    • Replace the countertop.
    • Switch out the sink faucet.
    • Change outlet wall covers with a more decorative option.

Advanced Painting Service Offers Cabinet Painting Services

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