Let us provide your complete industrial, corporate, manufacturing, production, retail, or other facility maintenance program, we offer complete turnkey maintenance services available in one time, scheduled and periodic programs, 5S program, Pre-audit cleaning & painting, oxidizer & bag house maintenance, housekeeping and much more. Let our efficiency work to your advantage.



A professional facility maintenance company specializing in a wide range of commercial and industrial facility maintenance programs and projects.

Whatever your production, manufacturing, distribution, retail, office, medical, wholesale or other facility maintenance needs are, We can provide the solutions.

A few of the services we provide are painting, specialty coatings, flooring installation & maintenance, commercial & industrial cleaning, ceiling restoration, isle marking & floor striping, building exterior maintenance, liquid applied roofing and light construction. Contact us for more information.

facility maintenance workers


Advanced Painting Service is an industry leading painting company with a reputation for consistent performance at the highest level.

Facility Enhancement

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5S Program Specialist

Let us help you achieve your 5S program goals, we have assisted many clients performing multiple facility upgrade projects, cleaning and other services.

An international firm of architects, planners and interior designers specialising in a wide range of commercial, residential and public sector projects.

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